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Novanea - Case Study and Project Presentation

Novanea is a company specializing in real estate, destined to become one of the leaders in the market. She is particularly expert in the tax exemption in France, in the new as in the old. Naturally, our partner General Web has chosen to trust Tendances Media to create the design of Novanea’s new online platform. The main objective of this tool is to position the real estate company as a credible and serious actor on the Internet, by highlighting its perfect knowledge of the market.

  • Needs analysis ...

    The development of a web platform for Novanea started with benchmarking: this step made it possible to identify all the needs of the company’s prospects in order to offer them the most relevant solutions. The website has therefore been organized around three main axes: striking visuals, an ergonomic and easy-to-use search engine, and clear and constructed text spaces.

    The Novanea website is aimed at both prospects looking for real estate, advertisers and partners. The full-page display of the results is a necessity so that the 7000 or so advertisements can be categorized efficiently, while maintaining smooth navigation. 

  • Developing a strategy

    Digital strategy

    In close collaboration with General Web’s R & D group and Novanea’s field teams, we worked on the most appropriate graphic solutions. The creation of the latter is thus based on a precise and thoughtful strategy. Two essential elements are at the heart of the development of the platform: the SEO – an internal wiki – and pages arranged intelligently to allow optimal positioning on the internet and a user experience the most successful.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    The architecture of the Novanea website was built to present a lot of information on the same screen without putting the user in difficulty. The navigation thus remains always simple and fluid. In addition, we chose to present the visual universe of Novanea on the different pages based on its color code, which you find everywhere on the platform. The identity of the company has been perfectly respected and highlighted to be more visible on the web.

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Tendances Media's solution

The company’s solid knowledge, many achievements and the support of its partners – Flowbox and Général Web – in the field of real estate and wealth management, have allowed the company Tendances Média to offer work that meets the needs and requirements of Novanea, while remaining consistent with the identity of its brand.

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Advanced Search

Novanea is above all a brand that references more than 7000 properties and real estate programs across France, on a single platform that will grow exponentially in 2018. The goal has been to create an intuitive search engine, Visible and easy to use for everyone.

Offering a very wide range of investment solutions, a precise categorization proved necessary in order to better adapt the results to the requests of Internet users. The color codes of the brand have been taken over to improve the understanding of the results and facilitate searches. Professionals and advertisers, meanwhile, find on the platform of Novanea various call to action buttons, to be able to highlight their real estate for sale, rent or offered in colocation.

On a single screen, two forms of results are presented in order to offer Internet users a reading mode adapted to their preferences. This solution also makes it possible to locate the various real estates or to create geographical criteria by modifying the options and refining the results thanks to the filters.

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Novanea's website responsive design
website responsive design
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Property comparison

To help Internet users in their choice, a wishlist has been integrated into the online platform of Novanea. The information is presented in a clear way and allows prospects to get a global idea of ​​each property that interests them. With a single click – or via the shortcuts on the left side of the screen – the user slides the ads that interest him directly in his wishlist. If, nevertheless, the user can not find the real estate program that corresponds to him, he can quickly create an alert and thus receive the advertisements that could fit his search criteria by e-mail.

In its dedicated area, a set of useful documents is also proposed to facilitate its efforts.

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Programs and simulators

Detailed factsheets present real estate programs to Internet users. Particular care has been taken in the description of each property, in order to best help users to find what they are looking for.

Thanks to Novanea’s partners, users can also perform a free simulation of their real estate project, on all the cards presented on the platform. The infrastructures of a future neighborhood are visible on the geographical map of the site, as well as the different characteristics of the proposed residences.

Travail sérieux et de qualité. Merci à l'équipe pour sa réactivité qui a mené au succès de mon opération de marketing !
Christopher GALLINA | Fondateur Novanea

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